Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check your SEO skills

Kooldudz Quiz

Welcome to a quiz brought to you by Cool Dudes Chill Out. Test your SEO skills here.

  1. What is a SEO?

  2. Search Engine Organization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Sexually Enhanced Orgy

    Search Engine Onslaught

  3. What is Backward Links?

  4. Simply links pointing to any website that when clicked opens that website.

    A link to your website that when clicked works as a back key on toolbar.

    Any link that links your website to a search engine.

    A link which when clicked gives you some earning.

  5. What is Cross Linking?

  6. So many links created by a website to a search engine

    Two or more links that points to a same website.

    The practice of linking together several domains usually owned by the same person/company.

    A link that strikes out your website.

  7. What is a Doorway Page?

  8. The front page of your website.

    The page that opens the door of a search engine.

    The index page of your website.

    Web pages, often specifically engineered to rank highly on search engines.

  9. What is FFA

  10. Free For Alexa link page.

    Free For All link pages.

    Fall From Alexa.

    Free From Advertising.

  11. What is Freshbot?

  12. A Yahoo spider which updates the engine with recently updated pages

    Altavista spider which updates the engine with recently updated pages

    Any spider which updates the engine with recently updated pages

    A Google spider which updates the engine with recently updated pages?

  13. What is Google Bomb?

  14. A recent practice by Google to decrease the pagerank of a website.

    A recent practice which involves setting up multiple sites which link to a single website with the sole purpose of increasing Google ranking or manipulating Google's search results.

    When Google refuses to show your website on its search results.

    When Google suspends your account.

  15. What is Google Dance

  16. When people start dancing whenever Google upgrades the pagerank of a website.

    Annual get-together of Google, Inc.

    The name given to the period when Google updates its search engine rankings.

    When a website is able to make Google dance to its tunes.

  17. What is Link Farms?

  18. Free For All link sites which exist for the sole purpose of increasing the site rankings for their members.

    A group of websites which have joined together to share links between them.

    A place where you can buy links from.

    A farm in USA.

  19. What is Open Directory?

  20. Any directory where you can openly list your website.

    A directory where you can list your website by paying some annual fees.

    Massive directory of websites reviewed by humans at

    A directory owned by MSN.

Thanks for participating in SEO quiz.

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