Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The best PTC sites

Tired of being scammed by PTC companies that don't pay or disappear after some time. Well, here is a guaranteed list of the PTC websites that have been time tested and paying without fault. Remember, all these PTC sites offer no more than 2 cents per ad and very limited ads available per day to click (from 4 to 10).

1. Number one PTC site on my list is of course Neobux that needs no introduction.

This site is termed as the best PTC to date.

2. Number two PTC site on my list is Palmbux, as good as Neobux.

3. Number three PTC site is

4. Number four PTC site is The Clickers.

5. Buxforyou, again a new site but very nice one.

6., though relatively new but very good site.

7. Wordlinx.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

8. Hits4pay.

9. Clixsense

The best program that offers clicks as well as affiliate marketing. The earning potentials are huge if you can refer 5 members per month. One does not need to anything extra, but just being able to refer 5 members and that is all. You can earn up to $4,221.00, unbelievable but true. See it yourself.

Now, a few PTC sites that offer big bucks like 1 dollar to 50 dollars per click. I am not very certain about their payout, but as long as they are free, they are worth a try.

1. RichPTC.





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