Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When will we get paid?

Rahul is another character in Rishabh’s new household. He has come from Bhivani, also done his B.E. from one of the lesser known colleges in Karnataka. This guy believes in only one thing, having the coolest brand names in his wardrobe or at least the coolest tags if not the original. His favorite place in Delhi is Gaffar Market where he can get the coolest brands at the coolest price. For him, nothing is more important in life than flashing Tommy Hilfiger on his waist. He is not much interested in girls as long as they are not giving him some cool vibes. Then comes Maninderjeet, a true sardar in his own words. For him “Singh is King” is the mantra years before Akshay Kumar made it the national mantra. He is a simple graduate but believes there is no one else in the world smarter (!!!) than him. Lastly comes Subhash, a very girlish boy who is now trapped amongst these 4 ruthless guys. These guys have kept him with them because of their own personal benefit, as he would do all the chores, prepare tea, prepare breakfast, and even sometimes wash their linens.

Back to Day 28th, it’s 10:30, but office still not opening. Even the security guard has gone somewhere. Everybody starting to smell something fishy but no one willing to think negative, after all everyone has deposited 50,000 rupees with the company. All the new joinees are still meandering meaninglessly in the community center. At 11:30, Mr. Nagarajan arrives at the office, just gives some busy excuses to everyone and asks everyone to be on their seats. Everyone takes a deep breath and says okay…no problem. Everything is okay. At 2:30, Mr. Nagarajan calls everyone for a meeting and says that the MD has gone to Chennai for some business purposes and our training manager has also accompanied him will be back by the 7th of the next month. So, that’s the end of the day 28th. Rishabh’s sixth sense is knocking at his brain and says wait…there is more to come in the coming few days. Be ready for something you don’t want to think about. Still, Rishabh pushes his sixth sense back down the last corner of the brain and gives himself a comforting pat on his own shoulder that don’t worry…everything is okay…nothing to think about…things will get back to normal.

Today is the day everyone at Web Control International had been waiting for with bated breath. Because today is the salary day. They all are excited about dreaming to see Rs 10,000 as their salary on their hands and they all have made grand plans to booze and loose control in the evening. A normal day going on at office. Morning passed, no announcement for salary cheque. Afternoon passed, no announcement yet. At 3 p.m., Maninderjeet can't take it anymore and goes to the HR room to enquire about the cheque. We all are waiting for him to come back with the good news. He returns back in 5 minute saying that management has called a general meeting at 4 p.m. At 4:15 p.m., we get the news that salary payment is deferred for 2 days because of bank holiday tomorrow. Oh...god...Rishabh takes a deep breath and consoles himself by saying...don't worry...wait for another 2 days.

To be continued...

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