Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to earn blogging?

Blogging has become the next big thing in the Internet arena. Everyday, thousands of blogger are surfacing on Internet using free blogging platform like Blogger, Wordpress or using blogging services like Blog Adda, Big Adda hoping to make quick bucks by way of blogging. Many of these people start blogging out of genuine writing interest, some starts blogging to make some extra bucks, and a few takes to blogging as a full-time career option.

Here are a few blogging tips and earning tips I would like to share with my fellow bloggers that they might find helpful to read.

First and the most important thing the bloggers should understand that unless and until they don't increase their Traffic ranking (Alexa) and Page Ranking (Google), chances are very little that you can become a successful blogger. An Alexa ranking of less than 500,000 is considered okay and less than 100,000 is considered excellent in blogging arena. A Google PR of 1 to 2 is considered very good while a ranking more than 3 is considered like a Jackpot in Blogging industry. The problem is both these rankings do not go together all the time. You will find many a site with PR of 3 but Alexa ranking of greater than 500,000 or a site with Alexa ranking of less than 300,000 but PR of 0. So, the first thing every bloggers must do is to keep track of their traffic ranking and PR on a daily basis and consistently try to improve their ranking by means of link buildup, advertising, word of mouth publicity, backlinking, and other link referral tools.

The second thing is PPC earning by means of Adsense, Bidvertiser, Adtoll, Kontera, Infolinks, AdBrite, etc. Adsense is of course the best amongst them, but the problem is reaching the minimum payout level that is 100 USD. For a new blogger, it might take more than a year to reach the payout limit and that time is just too much to sustain your patience to keep writing.

So, the third option of making some bucks from blogging comes by means of writing paid reviews. The problem is Google does not like paid blogging and can penalize your site by reducing your PR, but as long as you write smartly, chances are Google will not be able to detect that this is a paid blogging. The best paid blogging companies are Paid Per Post, Blogsvertise, Buy Blogs Review, Paying Post, Review Me, Link Worth, and Sponsored Reviews. So, once your blog is like a couple of months old and you have at least 50 posts already online, you can apply to these companies. One think you must keep in mind that if you are blogging on a specific category, chances are high of your blog site being accepted by these companies.

The fourth option of earning by blogging is to do referral marketing and affiliate marketing from the giants like Click Bank, Amazon, Ebay and grow your downline for PTC (paid to click) companies like Neobux, Palmbux,, and other companies. They are the PTC companies that have been doing businesses for the last few years very successfully. So, if you have started blogging, go ahead and try these 4 options simultaneously and I think you will be earning some good bucks that will keep motivating you to write more and earn more.

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