Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to double your money in 1 month?

People always are looking out for ways to get the maximum ROI on their investment. They invest money in shares, fixed deposits, mutual funds, Forex trading, gold, and what not. Fixed deposits and gold are considered the safest investment options but definitely not the most profitable ones. Forex and stock trading are considered relatively profitable but with a big amount or risk component attached plus they require a lot of money to invest to be able to achieve a significant return with of course the risk element accompanying that. Today, I will not talk about these conventional method of investment, but rather a very cheap investment option (at most 30 dollars or 1500 rupees a month) which has the least amount of risk associated and almost a guaranteed 200% ROI.

So, what is this all about? Well, if you are a regular reader of online earning opportunities on Internet, this won't sound anything great to you, but what I will present here is not something many Internet user use or find attractive enough to participate. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about those 1 cent per click companies or PTC sites. So, what new thing I am talking about. Everyone knows about them and many of them would say that they are nothing but the scams. Well, I agree that most of them are scams, so definitely I won't talk about those sites who have a single complaint against them on Internet. I will talk about the sites which have been doing great business over the years and paying their members every time without fault.

1. NEOBUX: Of course, the best PTC site in the world, 1 cent per click, 4 clicks on average. Your total earning a day 4 cents or 1.2 dollars a month.

Now, you put rent referrals thing into play. You rent 100 members for a month for 28 dollars a month. In ideal case, your earning will come out to be,

100 * 4 * 0.5 = 2 dollars a day.
Monthly income = 60 dollars a month.

Now, that ideal scenario is not always a real scenario because not all your rented referrals will click everyday 4 clicks a day. Some of them will be averaging about 2.5 clicks a month while some might even average more than 4 clicks a month because in a day you always get a chance to click 5 or 6 clicks if you check your account frequently during the day. So, I will put it as 3 clicks on average for every referrals. So, the earning in real scenario is

100 * 3 * 0.5 = 1.5 dollars a day.
Monthly income = 45 dollars a month.

Your profit for the month = 45-28 = 17 dollars a month

ROI for the month = 164%

If you research on Internet, you will find that this earning is guaranteed on Neobux and the payment is always instant, within a few seconds to your Paypal or AlertPay.

2. CLIXSENSE: The second PTC site I am really fond not only because of a decent amount of ads but their very unique affiliate program that goes 5 levels deep and very low investment that is only 10 dollars for a year. Now, what you get from this 10 dollars.

Number of ads for a minimum for 1 month = 1000

These ads vary from 1 cent to up to 5 dollars, but I will take an average of 5 cent per click.

Total monthly income from clicking = 50 dollars.

Referral earning = 10 cents per referral without upgrading and 2 dollars with upgrading for first level.


3. PALMBUX: Same concept like Neobux.

4. TUIBUX: Same concept like Neobux.

5. BUX.GS: Same concept like Neobux.

6. BUXWIZ: Same concept like Neobux.

7. THE CLICKERS: Same concept as Neobux.

So, your total investment will be like 200 dollars a month, but your guaranteed return will be at least 450 to 500 dollars a month. The only thing to remember is that you should not yourself forget to click for a single day, otherwise you won't get a single penny from your referral earnings. Believe me, this is the least risky investment option with the maximum ROI, so what are you waiting for, go ahead, start clicking, and start earning a good money.

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