Monday, August 10, 2009

Neobux referrals - The best way to make money

The best PTC site in the world Neobux is also one of the best way to make legitimate money on Internet. Though for the beginner, it might seem like a mountain to climb to reach payout because one only gets 4 clicks per day of 1 cent each. That means it is going to take almost 2 months to reach the first payout level of 2 dollars, so why this PTC site is hugely popular and has lakhs of members who are earning some really cool bux through this great site. The concept is simple yet the most difficult one. Simple, because you have to click only 4 clicks a day that hardly takes 15 minutes of time on Internet. Difficult, because you have to have at least 100 downlines under you to make a decent amount of money on Neobux.

Now the problem is how to increase your downline. Well, the solution is also with Neobux. You earn the minimum by clicking ads for the first few days and then use your earning to rent referrals from Neobux and believe me the referral rate is the cheapest among all PTC sites on Internet, only 25 cents a member for 1 complete month. That means your investment of 25 cents gives you a total income of 30*0.005*4 = 60 cents a month at least provided the referral is clicking the 4 ads everyday that means 171% return on your investment (your clicked earning and no real bucks), so it is a win-win situation all along.

That situation is with rented referral. Now, if you are able to make direct referrals on your own that means 1 referral is giving you 60 cents a month and so if you are able to make 100 referrals that means 60 dollars are your pure referral earning without investing anything. But, the problem is how to make those referrals. Well, there are referral links, banners, forum addresses, E-mail, word of mouth publicity, chatting, orkuting, I mean use your social networking skills to build your referral network and the earning potential is limitless.

If you go to Neobux forum after registering, you can read people earning as much as 5000 dollars and getting paid instantly (that is the biggest plus point of Neobux unlike other PTC sites where you have to wait at least a month to see that you are being paid just a dime against your paidout claim). So, why waste a single day and lose 4 cents for the day, join today, start building network, and earn a decent amount to pay your bills and EMI by just working 15 minutes on Internet. In these times of recession, I think Neobux is the only guaranteed and the simplest and legitimate way to earn some extra incomes.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar


Anonymous said...

I agree dude, Neobux is by far the best PTC site in the world and also with instant payment it is my all time favorite PTC site.

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