Saturday, August 01, 2009

Emran Hashmi stirred up a hornet's nest

Seems like kissing deva has found another reason to hit the headlines again. The self-proclaimed kissing king who has taken more kisses than any other Bollywood actor on-screen has been caught on the wrong foot, not for being denied a smooching by some diva but for being denied a flat in the posh Mumbai locality for being a Muslim, as alleged by him. Well, the allegation might be right or wrong, but the question is how justified Mr. Hashmi in stirring up a hornet's nest for such a trivial manner. Rather than going to media, he should have gone to a police station and would have lodged a complaint but instead he preferred to make an outburst in media so to hog the maximum limelight. Renting out a house to someone or for that matter anyone is the sole prerogative of the house owner. Now, if he does not want to let his out to someone what is so big a deal about this. You can always have a different house. In India, it is the usual practice to let the house out to someone who you think you will be comfortable with. A vegetarian landlord would always prefer to let out his house to a vegetarian tenant, so all the non-vegetarian people should start complaining about discrimination. Many a times, a Hindu family is denied house on rent by a Muslim landlord but does anyone go to media that I was denied a house because of my religion. Come on, Mr. Hashmi do something more constructive and complain about something that don't disturb the social and cultural fabric of the country further in these turbulant times. As a celebrity, you can do a whole lot good by raising an issue that is meant to safeguard our country and not to communalize a trivial issue and gain cheap publicity out of that issue by disturbing the cultural fabric of our beloved. country.

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