Sunday, August 30, 2009

The good, the bad, the ugly

In the meantime, things have started getting murkier at the office. There are no regular training classes and the management people are hardly seen in the office. Rishabh has started getting more and more restless, while Kartik is enjoying his days with Tina. The other guys are also concerned but no one is willing to talk about the inevitable. Rishabh has started becoming more friendly with another colleague in the office, Vipin. Vipin is a local Delhi guy staying in Laxminagar and traveling everyday to Delhi on his bike. He is a very decent guy so Rishabh has become very close to him and spends most of the time in the office together (not to be taken otherwise…). Subhash, the girlish guy, is getting more and more frightened by Mani’s extremes and the things become out of control when Mani actually slapped him one night for some petty thing. Rishabh lost him temper completely that day and blasted all the three, including Kartik, Rahul, and Mani. He told them this is the last month they are living together and if any further fight in the house he will simply throw Mani out of the house. Mani is naturally agitated with Rishabh, but he does not dare say anything against him because of Rishabh’s serious nature and his support from all the four. They also advise Mani to behave more coolly because nobody wants to be out of the house in this torrid time.

Rishabh gets a call from his cousin brother Praveen that he is coming to Delhi to live with him. Praveen has been very close to Rishabh right from the childhood because Rishabh is only 2 months elder to Praveen and they have both completed schooling and college in the same year (though different schools and colleges). They have both grown up in Patna so Praveen is very close to him. Rishabh asks him to come to Delhi, though he himself is in no position to sustain Praveen because of his own poor financial condition. Praveen reaches New Delhi station one morning and Rishabh brings him to their Janakpuri house. Tina was also there in the house at that time, and the first question Praveen asks Rishabh is she also living with them. Rishabh tells him that she is their common friend and she likes spending her days with them so she spends her all days (and no nights) with them only. Once settled in the house, Rishabh tells Praveen everything about the company and financial situation but comforts Praveen that he should be able to take care of him as long as Praveen himself does not find a job.

To be continued...

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