Monday, August 24, 2009

Cool Dudes in Hot Delhi

All the 5 reach office by 9 a.m. with an exciting dream of entering the dream world of WWW. 50 new joinees, 30 computers in the office, well not bad at all. Each one is asked to make a pair to share the computer between themselves. Rishabh and Kartik decide to work together so is Rahul and Maniderjeet and so on...Kartik decides to join Rishabh because he has MBA with specialization in Information Systems and and Rishabh joins Kartik because he has done B.E. from Ramaiya College, Bangalore. Well so far so good...everything seems to work fine. They are given introduction in SQL and soon to become an Oracle expert...Reference books are being given from the office library to be returned back next morning. Rishabh gets introduced to other guys and gals in the office. He gets introduced to a very cute-looking girl wearing pink salwar, kurta who also seems very shy at first look. Rishabh instantly gets smitten by her veiled charm (waiting to explode). Her name is Tina. She has done her engineering in Electronics from some college in Moscow...well those days every third students from India were going to Russia to pursue either Medical or Engineering. Tina was also one of them having done her B.E. in 5 years (1 year Russian + 4 years B.E.). She had come from the Gadhwal region, Rishikesh to be particular. Rishabh finds a very striking similarity between Tina and Suhani (another Gadhwali girl from Rishabh's MBA days...will talk about her later), so another love story about to unfold...

An introduction session by the management team...Mr. Ramaswami, the managing director, is introduced as a highly experienced mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in both public sector and private sector and a good friend of special advisor (I am not giving the name for obvious reasons) to the Primer Minister of India. Mr. Nagarajan, Chief Operations Manager, another mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Doraiswami, Training Manager, a software engineer (finally someone related to software) with over 15 years of experience. Radha Pillai, HR manager, a very attractive lady in her late 20s or early 30s.

All the joinees are highly impressed by the introduction session, but for one thing, that everyone is South Indian (something fishy smells...). Anyhow, the first day went smoothly with everyone given the first lesson in SQL concepts and everyone happy, though no one clearly understood (I bet) a single concept.

Back to the home in Janakpuri by 3:30 p.m. First day, so an early leave. Alok, landlord's son, comes to meet us, a young guy of 22, a guitarist but very shrewd (a la typical Delhite). Very polite and very sociable, but very diplomatic. Alok gets quite friendly (???) with us and starts divulging names of the gals in our lane that we can see standing in their balconies (favorite pastime for Delhi girls in evening) with either a nephew or niece in their arms or a cordless phone (mobile was not that much a common site that time). In half an hour, we knew a lot about at least 6 girls in our lane.

To be continued...

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