Saturday, August 01, 2009

How to earn maximum money with Neobux?

The most respected PTC site on Internet is Neobux, but one must learn to use it properly to earn maximum money.

Neobux works on the principle of referring. The more one is able to refer under him or her, the more he is able to make. For example, each click at Neobux is worth 0.01 dollars and one gets an average of 4 ads per days for standard members and 10 ads for golden members.

Now calculate the amount for a standard member.

0.01 * 4 = 0.04 per day or 0.04 * 30 = 1.2 dollars a month

What a penny to earn after using the Internet for 15 minutes daily.

Now, suppose that standard member is able to make 100 downline and still prefers to remain a standard member, that means now he will be able to make,

0.005 * 100 * 4 = 2 dollars or 2 * 30 = 60 dollars a month

Now, you spend 25 dollars out of that 60 dollars to become a golden member and then calculate the earning with 150 downline.

Click 10 top ads a day and your 150 members also click 10 top ads a day:
You win $30.2 (US dollars) per day that translates to around $936.2 (US dollars) per month.

And with Neobux, the payment is instant. There is no waiting period or sleepless nights. They pay instantly as soon as you request a payout to Paypal or Alertpay and they are the most trusted name in PTC industry.

So, guys if you are ready to spend just 15 minutes on Internet and another 30 minutes to market yourself, the earning can be anything. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and join Neobux, it is free to join, free to earn, and guaranteed to pay.

© 2009 Ranjan Kumar